Chocolate Cuy Casserole

I was intrigued when I learned that people in South America eat guinea pigs and call it cuy. I always imagined that guinea pigs must be tasty, and Jon’s Columbian friend confirmed that they were indeed. I was also disappointed that the Peruvian restaurant in Union Square, Machu Picchu, does not serve guinea pigs. Apparently you’re not allowed to serve guinea pigs in the US so I had to make my own cavy casserole.

Gordie 1


Seriously, I rescued him from a guinea pig rescue, because there are few animals I love more than guinea pigs. His name is Gordon. Jon suggested that name because I miss Flash.

You know what’s nice about guinea pigs? Unlike black dogs, they are surprisingly patient and easy to photograph. They hold still and are agreeable to all sorts of poses. At least, Gordon certainly is.

In addition to being eaten, Gordie also enjoys science.

Goride 2


and fine art:

Gordie 3


Gordie has also made friends with our other pets:

Gordie 4


I think a word of praise is also deserved for The Frog, whose endless patience matched Gordie’s. Gordie got a plate full of vegetables covered with guinea pig hair for his troubles, and The Frog will get some crickets tomorrow.

Buddy, however, doesn’t get anything because he never holds still when I want to take a picture of him and it always takes 90 tries before I get a good one. Unlike The Frog, he declined to be photographed while sitting on Gordon’s back.