God’s D20 fell out of the sky

Today I was walking down the corridor of the big building with the dome and I glanced outside, thinking to myself- “Is that a- I think…it is!”

Gygax 1

I immediately went outside for a closer look and a better picture.

Gygax 2


I have another picture of the plaque that went with it. It says “In memory of Gary Gygax, who led us on so many adventures.”

It made my day to see that.

Later on I went back to get another picture after the rain had washed away the snow on the die, but by then the rain and wind had blown the whole thing apart. Alas.

Still, when I went back they had a special Human Race booth set up for people to play in. What you did was sit in the booth and line up your eyes with the outline on the monitor, then press the button. When the computer got a picture of you staring blankly ahead, it used that picture and you could select a race, to see what you’d look like as a Caucasian or Indian or African American or Middle Eastern or whatever you wanted.

I found out that I look exactly like myself when I’m black, just with darker skin. I can also transform into an Indian pretty easily. Yet no amount of plastic surgery could ever make me look like a passable East Asian.

Besides a race face, it also had an aging device. You could see what you’d look like as an oldster. The machine showed me that I’m still going to look pretty hot when I’m 40, but my face starts to get a little saggy once I hit 45. I guess that’s not so bad.