Is there a ghost?

How curious! I believe it is the Ghost of Gumby!

Gumby 1

The Ghost of Gumby Likes MIT-


Gumby 2

He showed me around the Stata Center to meet some of the other ghosts:

Gumby 3

Gumby 4

That Ghost of Gumby sure is a sly hacker!

Gumby 5

The Ghost of Gumby also likes to sneak into the labs and point at items of interest. Apparently the reason that he doesn’t flop into a puddle of ectoplasm was because he was fixed in liquid nitrogen:

Gumby 6

And he likes to point at the Stata Center again.

Gumby 7

I took the Ghost of Gumby home with me, now we will best friends.

Gumby 8

I love you The Ghost of Gumby.

The End