Loo loo loo loo loo loo loo loo….

We put up our tree this weekend!

While we were doing boring errands, Jon asked if we should get a tree while we were out. This put me in a bad mood. Running boring errands always makes me a little grouchy, but suddenly the idea of going to the tree-store, picking out a tree, paying for it, trying to locate the tree-stand we bought two years ago, then properly securing the tree in said tree stand all seemed overwhelmingly unfun and made me even grouchier than usual.

Yet I didn’t want to be a total grinch, an “Oh, I don’t celebrate Christmas because it’s too commercial and it’s just a meaningless excuse to force people to buy presents.” kind of person. That’s just zero fun. Of course we needed a tree.

So I made a tree that took up very little space and didn’t require an extension of the “boring errands” portion of the day.

Tree 1

Then we decorated it with all our standard tree ornaments and crooned “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” when we were done.


Tree 2

Look at all the presents! Now it looks great- and when we’re done we can just flip it back to the big mural of various gods of the world that’s on the other side.