The Buffalo Roam

Last year we went on an 8,017-mile roadtrip, all the way across the country and back. Two months ago we went on a roadtrip about half that size in another direction, south instead of west. At first it wasn’t intentional, but we started to find and adopt patterns in our travel photos. One of these is my amazing control over the capture and taming of jackalopes:

Wall, South Dakota- 08/31/09

Buffalo 1

Dillon, South Carolina- 05/24/10

Buffalo 2

Jon, on the other hand, seems to have a way with large sauropods:

Cabazon, California- 09/11/07

Buffalo 3

Rapid City, South Dakota- 08/31/09

Buffalo 5

Raleigh, North Carolina- 05/23/10

Buffalo 6

Dillon, South Carolina- 05/24/10

Buffalo 7

But my favorite thing to meet up with on our travels? Buffalo! By “buffalo” I mean the animal officially named¬†Bison bison bison¬†but colloquially I prefer the term buffalo even if it’s incorrect. I’m so proud of how many states we have so far made buffalo friends in, though our trip out west was disappointingly sparse in the sightings of real buffalo. Here are our buffalo friends:

Wall, South Dakota- 08/31/09

Buffalo 8

Port Oroford, Oregon- 09/03/09

Buffalo 9

Denver, Colorado- 09/08/09

Buffalo 10

Kearney, Nebraska- 09/09/09

Buffalo 11

Dillon, South Carolina- 05/24/10

Buffalo 12

That’s a lot of states that we’ve made buffalo friends in!

Who would’ve thought that the prize of our buffalo friend collection would be found right here in Massachusetts? Last week we found a surprise:

Westford, Massachusetts- 07/18/10

Buffalo 13

A real one, finally! We couldn’t entice to him come any closer for a better picture, but he’s real, all right. See?

Buffalo 14


Don’t know what happened with that broken-off horn, though.

Anyway, all these nifty photo patterns are revealed in Jon’s rather excellent blog. See how many you can find! Besides, have you ever read Jon’s writing? He’s much funnier than I am. The only reason I take pictures at all is so he can write amusing things about them later on in his blog.

You should go take a look-

Sure, I’m bound to be biased in a blog in which I’m one of the two lead characters, but I think it would still be excellent even if I wasn’t in it. I would just be upset about not having made so many buffalo friends in so many states.