…Then you’ll cross a bridge with gigantic frogs on it, take a left…

Interesting…Buddy looks much better this morning. Definitely more chipper. So, on our weekend trip up north we didn’t get to see Turtle Boy, which was no surprise. But Connecticut has something else to offer. I know, what can the Worst State Ever have that’s of any interest to us? Certainly no lusty turtles. But giant frogs sitting on spools of thread is something, at least. The story with the frogs is that one night in 1754 the townspeople of Willimantic, CT freaked out over the dreadful cacophony of some shrieking spirits or something. In the morning they found hundreds of hundreds of dead frogs, expired from the drought. They call it the Frog Battle of 1754 because the brave men had rushed out to battle the unseen frogs in the night. The thread is because….they used to make thread in Willimantic.



I’ll never forget when I first saw them. I got an e-mail from a friend giving me directions to a party in Willimantic. One part of the directions said “You’ll come to a bridge with giant frogs on it, sitting on spools of thread…No, I’m totally serious it’s a bridge with GIANT FREAKING FROGS on it”. I didn’t fully believe him until I saw them, even though I had no reason to doubt directions like that.


Buddy’s legs just keep getting worse, close to the point where he can’t rise on his own. Today I talked to the vet and I was surprised that she said that Buddy ought to be euthanized. As a former vet tech, I know that the clinic almost never says that, even when it’s painfully obvious. The usual approach is to state all the facts about the dog’s health and then let the client be the first to suggest euthanasia, as if it was their idea. Buddy doesn’t seem terribly interested in me, in cookies, in going for a walk, or much of anything. And I notice that his eyes look sunken, like he’s dehydrated. Maybe it hurts him too much to get up and get water frequently enough. He’s the first and only dog I’ve ever had, just two months shy of his 13th birthday. I guess there’s no rush to put him down, as his decline is slow, but it’s not like he’s going to get any better. I just find all this really difficult to think about. How can I lose the Best Dog?