No me des de comer, no tengo hambre.

I took this picture in the bathroom at the Latin American Association. Everything in there is bilingual, except in this case where the message is…nonlingual? Pictorial? It looks like Señor Toileto is trying to tell us that he would prefer that we not flush the depicted items down his abdomen.  Most of these items we recognize as common toilet-related items we should not flush, but I do wonder about a couple of them. Has the LAA been having troubles with ladies flushing plastic combs and toothbrushes down the toilet? Do we really need to be told not to flush things like combs and toothbrushes?  And now that I look at it again, is he also trying to say that we should not flush toilet paper down the toilet? Eugh.

Also, given recent events on the interweb, I’m not really comfortable anymore with the personified toilet.  Señor Toileto is in a perfect position to take numerous creepshots. Maybe this is a Señorita Toileta because it’s the ladies room, but even then it’s still kind of creepy.

By the way, in the context I’ve seen it on Leave it to Beaver, the word “creepy” seems to mean “foolish” or “dorky”. Funny how the word has changed so much in meaning since the 50s.