Happy Birthday, The Lizard

I realized a few weeks ago that The Lizard’s birthday is in October, and this year she is six years old. Happy birthday, The Lizard! Our un-neediest, calmest and most photogenic pet by far.

I went back and found that she helped us carve pumpkins five years ago when we first got her. Look at how small she was then! I was only reminded that she’d been in a pumpkin for a photoshoot when yesterday I was trying to pose her on this year’s carved pumpkins. She’s as pretty as ever, I say.
Lizard 1 Lizard 2
Even though The Dog is very much The Dog and The Rats are the best rats, it’s nice to have a The Lizard around. It’s refreshing to have a pet in which you know all along that she doesn’t love you and never will, and everyone’s ok with that.

Lizard 3