I’ll get you next time gadget…

I haven’t been able to do much taxidermy for a long time. Buying a house, moving, going to Europe ate up a couple of months right there. After that I put all my creative energies into making Jon’s Lemongrab costume for Halloween. That was about one eyeblink ago, and now there are holidays n’ stuff. In short, life got in the way again.

I did manage to squeeze time to make one special rat, a tribute rat. Remember Dr. Claw? Back in July, I bought a pound of crawfish and Jon and I ate all of them except three, who were chosen to be pets. They all met a grisly end eventually. Two of the three of them were eaten by the largest and most aggressive crayfish, whom I named Dr. Claw.

Claw the first

Dr. Claw was a character. I admired him for being fearless, refusing to back down even when faced against me, several thousand times his weight. He may have gone on to live a long, rewarding crustaceous life, had his curiosity not gotten the better of him. He managed to crawl up the lighting wire and escape his cage. I found him the next morning lifeless on the rug, his carapace punctured by dog teeth. It’s likely that he attempted to stand up to Giles, waving his claws ferociously. Given the chaos the room was found in, there was no doubt that Dr. Claw’s grip had found its mark on Giles’s nose at least once.

We had a brief memorial service of the killer who died by the sword, the hunter who became the hunted, then tossed him into the compost. Later I had a change of heart and went back to retrieve his famous claws, drying them out and preserving them as a souvenir.

I was inspired a few weeks ago and made a tribute piece to Dr. Claw, using the said weapons as arms.

Dr. Claw

Yeah, not the most creative I’ve ever come up with, but at least Dr. Claw lives on in some form.