Princess Potluck

We had a bunch of Princesses over the other night. And an Earl. And a few people that I couldn’t seem to twist into princesses.

Let’s see who we have here.

Earl of Lemongrab
Ah yes, the Earl of Lemongrab. He seems smaller on TV, but apparently in person he’s seven feet tall and makes the big mural look hardly bigger than a poster.

Flame Princess
Flame Princess, who makes kind of a mess when she lights up in the house.

Princess Tim
Princess Tim, whose shoes are lamentably not show in the photo. That was the best part, too.

Not a princess, but some sort of Fraggle Rock doozer who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Piper Chapman
Again, not a princess, but she sure seemed to think she was during her first few weeks at the Litch.

Princess Chuck
Pretty Princess Chuck, with a squid growing out of his ear. I’m very fond of taking pictures in which it appears that something is growing out of the subject’s head.

Princess Lisa
Princess Lisa, with a squid growing out of her head.

Princess Sparklepony
Princess Sparklepony, or possibly Sparklebrony, with a squid growing out of his ears. Sparkleponies really shouldn’t be allowed in the house. A lot of rainbow manure to clean up.

Prince and Princess Bike
Prince and Princess Bike, whom I had to ask if that was a costume or if they normally dressed that awesomely. A little bit of both, they said.

Princess Mom
Princess Mom, complete with her valium and vodka tonic. I forgot to ask her to pose in front of Sharktopus.

Princess Nurse
Princess Nurse, because a Halloween party without a nurse is lacking, plus you need someone who knows first aid.

Princess Paul

Likewise, at a Halloween party there’s always that one guy who’s too grumpy to dress up. He’s still a princess, though.