Another Terrible Year

We first got Giles two years ago, on New Year’s Eve. Here is what we all looked like on the day we adopted him.


When we took him to the vet for the first time and did the new patient paperwork, we had to assign him a date of birth. Given what the vet estimated about his age, he was very likely to be about two years old, but it was up to us to decide what day should be his birthday. What better day than the day we adopted him? Hence, Giles’s birthday is on December 31st. We didn’t observe his birthday last year because um, we forgot. Also, we gave him nothing for Christmas this year, and made fun of him for being such a terrible dog that he didn’t deserve any presents.

To make up for this, we decided to celebrate Giles’s birthday this year. This is done by giving him a gift and making a gross birthday cake. A terrible birthday cake for a terrible dog.

And hence, Giles Corey Dog had his very first birthday party yesterday. First was his birthday present, which Jon picked up from Fox Bros. BBQ. After he ate all the meat off it.

Gift 1

Gift 2

The highlight for Giles, of course, was his Terrible Dog Cake. I took great care preparing it.

Cake 1

Cake 2

Cake 3

Cake 4

Cake 5

Cake 6

Cake 7

And we finally wrapped up this terrible birthday party with a terrible, terrible song. Giles was surprisingly patient with us while filming.

Happy Birthday, Giles Corey Dog.