Snow Day Kaiju

Looks like going anywhere today is out of the question. It’s not even a pretty snow day today, the kind that you can take magical snow day pictures of. It’s just sleet and ice and zero fun.

So the best I can do today is post some pictures of the snow day two weeks ago that was actually pretty and photogenic. There was also an unlikely monster or two hidden in the snow.

Jon was first to report the news. “Yup. It’s snowing.”
Snow Day

The Dog isn’t accustomed to snow. He seemed upset at first, and seemed to believe that Jon and I were responsible for it.

Sad Dog

So we gave him dog lessons on how to enjoy a snowy day.

Dog Lesson 1

Snow Lesson 2

And so he quickly learned how to enjoy a snowball fight.
Snowball Catch

The next day we all went to a construction site across the highway, empty for the day. It gave Giles a lot of room to run around, plus we got to fearlessly scale Mount Dogmore:

Mt Dogmore

And then run back down again.
Running Mt. Dogmore

When we arrived home, we discovered that our backyard had been taken over by some interesting visitors.
Copperhead in snow

Aiie! A copperhead! Not often you see a pit viper in the snow, all coiled up and ready to strike.

It turns out the copperhead’s was not concerned with us, rather he was engaged in an epic battle with a mecha-rodent Professor Claw!

Copperhead vs Claw

I guess everyone gets a little weird here when snow happens.