Fighting Golf

Sometimes you have a weekend where there’s just not much going on. We couldn’t come up with much to do except play some golf and give the dog a bath.

One of these events went more smoothly than the other, as neither of us seems to have a knack for the driving range.

My Hit

Hey, that wasn’t so awful- the ball traveled a foot or so. Except that was one of my better shots. I tried my best, though.

My Point

My windup

And Jon…well, I think he hit the green once or twice. But he was definitely the handsomest at golf.

Jon Stance

Jon Swing

I know these things take practice and all, but the draw of golf as a whole eludes me. I can’t imagine how it can be anyone’s source of stress relief. Maybe it’s for people who don’t have enough obstacles in their life and need something to generate stress rather than relieve it.

Ah well, the weekend wasn’t a total waste. I learned that at least I am a very photogenic dog-washer, and Giles smells much better now.

Dog Wash