Who you callin’ crappy??

On Friday night I got an e-mail from a name a didn’t recognize. The gist of the e-mail was “Hey, I’m making a book based on my blog, Crappy Taxidermy, and I think your Ratipede would be a perfect fit! Can I use it in the book?”

I read this right before I was going to bed and my brain was a little fuzzy at the time, but my first impulse was anger. Was she being cheeky, making fun of my Ratipede and then having the audacity to ask if she could use my picture, blah blah blah just because you think it’s crappy doesn’t mean that I didn’t work hard on it and nag nag nag….

At least that was the response I wrote in my head that I had enough restraint not to write at the time.

I let it go for a few days, and now it’s a dreary and rainy Monday morning. I read the e-mail again. This time I realized that this was THE taxidermy blog, Crappy Taxidermy! And the blog’s owner contacted me personally about my rat! I probably would want the book even if one of my things wasn’t in it, but now I’m going to be a crappy taxidermy superstar!

I wrote back a few minutes ago, saying “Sure, thank you. It would be an honor!”

Man, I’m so glad I didn’t respond right away. My sense of humor must have been broken late on Friday night, but I’m glad it came back in time.

The rat in question is Ratipede, scientific name Rattus brachipodia. It was the most involved and time-consuming piece I’ve made so far.

Ratipede 1

Ratipede 2

I still have a few heads left over from making that. No ideas as to what to do with those yet.