More crappy taxidermy

Just to catch up, I have here a quick collection of all my most recent taxidermy projects that haven’t yet been showcased. I made a bunch of them over the winter when everybody was sequestered indoors to escape the block of ice that was The Outside.

My first inspiration was while watching Oddities. That douchey guy from the show, Ryan, was making a shrunken head out of a sloth the traditional way- filling the head with heated stones. His finished product looked like a smaller version of a sloth’s head. That was nice and all, but while watching it I wondered if I could make a shrunken head that looked like a shrunken human head. Out of um…rat leather. Here’s what I ended up with.

Shrunken Head

Not bad, huh? Normally you’d wonder what to do with a disembodied head, but of all the silly coincidences, I happened to have an extra body floating around that required a head. Many years ago, a worker at an oddities/taxidermy shop/artsy shop was cleaning out the excess and he said to me “Hey I have a taxidermed kingfisher. It doesn’t have a head, but do you want it anyway?” I said sure I would, then made a mental note to make the kingfisher a new head. That was 15 years ago. Better late than never.

Shrunken Kingfisher

This rat was Jon’s idea and I really appreciate the suggestion. I’d just happened to have a little snake fixed in a jar, waiting to be put to good use.

Snake Charmer

This next rat was also Jon’s idea, although when he jokingly suggested it, I don’t believe he ever expected this mythical creature to materialize. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off either. It took forever to make.


I called it Ratipede, scientific name Rattus brachipoda. I posted it to Flickr and haven’t done anything with it since. Sometimes you get lucky, though. The owner of the blog Crappy Taxidermy found it and wrote me to ask if she could use it in her book. Ratipede would be honored. So am I.

There was a side effect to creating Rattus brachipoda. I ended up having a lot of extra rat heads and rat butts that I didn’t know what to do with. I tried my best to get rid of a butt or two or four.


I call that one Buttsy. Still more butts, though. Fortunately, just like I’d happened to have a headless animal in need of a head, just like I’d happened to have a small snake for my snake charmer, I did have something I could use for all these rat butts.


I am aware that these underpants were intended for squirrels only, but they seem to fit Buttsy II just fine.

Undapants rat

That’s all for now. I still have a pile of heads and a fish lying around, so we’ll see what happens.