Our Most Fruitful Voyage

One thing we really like collecting on our trip is pictures of The World’s Largest Anything. There are a lot of big things in this really big world. What I found intriguing is that not only does Cananda have a lot of big roadside attractions, but they’re especially fond of fruit.

Our first giant piece of fruit is a favorite and familiar one, a local. That would be the Peachoid in Gaffney, SC, now famous for its prominent appearance in House of Cards and for its resemblance to an ambiguous set of genitals. As usual, it seemed to be growing out of Jon’s head.

Jon Gaffney

Me Gaffney

I had packed up the Eyeball of Size Comparison to use in our future Maine Solar System project, so we figured as long it we were looking at large round things, the Eyeball could feature in all our large fruit pictures as well- even if it can only barely be seen in most of them. The fruit we saw was way bigger than the Maine planets.

Our first Canadian large fruit was The World’s Largest Strawberry, in Nova Scotia.

Next was Harvey the World’s Largest Potato in New Brunswick, not actually a fruit but still vegan. The picture was rushed because the second we got out of the car we were assaulted by a dark cloud of mosquitos, some of which followed us back into the car and we spent the next hour flushing them out through the windows.

Then we visited the World’s Largest Blood Orange in Montreal- unlike the previous fruits, this one provided nourishment. In our case it was an orange Julius and poutine.

Several hours later we hit The World’s Largest Apple in Colborne, Ontario. This one provided a bounty of apple-related treats and also our dinner. This day was unique because not only did we see two gigantic fruits in one day, but we were able to eat all our meals for the day from them.

Mr. Gigantic Apple was especially friendly among our huge Canadian fruit pals. He tried to engage us in bocce ball and shuffleboard,

or perhaps some mini-putt:
Mini Putt

His offer of a suggestive train ride was getting a little creepy, and we politely declined and went on our way.
Train Rides

Our final fruit of the trip was in Leamington, ON, to see the World’s Largest Tomato. I was unimpressed- not every World’s Largest Fruit is actually that big.

It wasn’t completely without its charm, though. The World’s Largest Tomato had a family of tomatoes living nearby.
Tomato Family

See, we have Momma Tomato and Daddy Tomato, Brother Tomato, Downs Syndrome Sister Tomato, plus Bulldog Tomato. They still haven’t broken it to Dachshund that he’s adopted.

Funny, but now that I think about it, The World’s Largest Tomato and the Tomato Family was the last site we stopped at before crossing Ambassador Bridge back into the States. The Tomato Family waved at us and told us thanks for stopping in Canada and to come back and visit again some day.

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