Dildo Memories

Flickr has shown me for year that anyone, in the act of doing anything, can be a fetishist’s dream. Every now and then some picture I have posted on flickr gets an unusually high number of views and favorites, and 10 times out of 10 the picture I posted had no intention of being sexual or suggestive in any way- in fact they’re usually pretty tame. I’ve ceased being overly creeped out and offended by it. Nowadays, I’m mostly curious when a picture of mine seems to fall under a Flickr Fetishist’s radar and marvel at all the bizarre things a person can have a fetish for. One question, though- why is it always men? Always. It’s not simply because I’m female, because plenty of guys have favorited my pictures of Jon with a fuzzy beard, Jon putting on deodorant, a picture where Jon’s feet are visible, one close-up of Jon’s teeth, etc. To date no lesbian has ever favorited a weird fetish picture of me, nor has a straight women ever favorited a weird fetish picture of Jon. It’s just men, straight or gay. What is so apparently masculine about being sexually turned on by typically non-sexual things?

I don’t feel like posting the pictures right now that have attracted them, but some examples that have caught the fetishist’s attentions have been:

-me in knee socks
-me in glasses
-me in wet socks because I couldn’t wear shoes in the Indian temple and the elephant blew water all over the floor
-me wearing a surgical mask
-me wearing nitrile gloves
-me with a snail on my foot

But here I want to show what so far has been the weirdest couple of pictures that have a disproportionate number of views. They’re two pictures of me, one in London and one in LA. I’m posing with Robert Wadlow, the Tallest Man Who Ever Lived.

Wadlow LA

Wadlow London

Both of them have several hundred views, and the first one- the LA one- I just thought some creeps were just collecting pictures of girls, any girls. But the second one isn’t very flattering- it was taken on the last day of an exhausting Europe trip and I was tired from hauling my backpack and suitcase around a dozen different countries. Why would the second picture be so popular among so many guys? You can easily find out just what’s so exciting about a particular picture when you get a notification that says “Creepy_Guy1972 has just added this photo to his favorites!” You just go to Creepy_Guy1972’s page and see what his other favorites are. In the case of the Robert Wadlow pictures, the guys who had favorited either or both photos were obsessed with pictures of girls standing next to unusually tall guys. They had vast collections of girls standing with tall guys, and some had a lot of pictures of girls standing next to Robert Wadlow statues in particular. Man, that’s mighty specific.

So on the last day of Northeast/Canadian roadtrip, we drove through Kentucky, and stopped at the site of the world’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken. They had a museum there with a replica of the kitchen, and some comic books, a ghostly Harland Sanders- that kind of thing.

Harlan Comic

Jon Weathervane

Sitting with Harlan

Also amusing was the barrel of INGREDIENTS. I’ll bet the formula hasn’t changed.

But what I really wanted a picture of was me standing with the life-sized statue of the Colonel! I didn’t realize he was so tall.
Giamt Harland

Aww, who am I kidding? The reason I insisted on posing with the giant Harlan Sanders, and tried to recreate the pose I did with Robert Wadlow in LA, is to see if the Robert Wadlow + Girl fetishists would pay attention to me. Let’s see how many views it gets.


If I’m going to venture a guess as to which pictures from our past vacation are going to receive the most views, my guess is it’s going to be some of these, taken in Newfoundland:

Dildo Sign

Dildo Me

Dildo Jon

Dildo Dory

They already have a few hundred views apiece, compared to the half-dozen or so views I got from any other pictures on the trip. Believe it or not, the locals in Dildo, Newfoundland, didn’t seem pleased with us skipping around the small seaside town taking pictures of anything with the town’s name on it. There’s at least one resident who has a sense of humor about the town’s name, though- we saw a boat in the harbor named “Dildo Pleasure.”

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